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304 large diameter stainless steel pipeIndustry highlights

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The competition in stainless steel pipe industry is fierce and gradually intensified. With the flood of fresh brand blood and the downturn of market economy, the development of stainless steel pipe manufacturers is faltering. However, it can be seen from some relevant data that the overall market potential is still great. Stainless steel pipe connection manufacturers should know how to proceed step by step and make steady progress in order to have a chance to win the market.

6In the past few years, the United States has imposed anti-dumping and countervailing duties on a variety of steel pipe products exported from China, including ring welded pipe, rectangular pipe,stainless steel sheet small-diameter pipeline pipe,304 compression stainless steel water pipeUse and installation guide for welded stainless steel pressure pipe, oil well pipe and seamless steel pipe. These foreign double back pressures have greatly reduced the number of steel pipes exported by China.

vIn many construction sites, we use this kind of welding for priming, which can effectively ensure its quality and has certain construction difficulties. Therefore, careful and skilled welders should be selected for this work.

Check the clamping forming effect after each clamping, and there shall be no clamping in place or serious depression of pipe clamping. According to visual inspection, the pipe fitting end and the pipe are tightly bonded. The smaller the diameter of the diamond edge of the pipe fitting above DN is slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the pipe, ranging from .-mm. The larger the pipe diameter, the greater the difference.

GBayagunaThe surface quality,stainless steel sheet appearance and dimensional accuracy of cold rolled steel strip are better than those of hot rolled plate.

CjIn order to prevent the occurrence of welding pores, the welding parts must be cleaned if there is rust, oil stain, etc.

Steel strip


  — It has better temperature resistance.

wThe ice load is the main control load of offshore platform in severe cold area, which has high requirements for the shear bearing capacity of the conduit leg of offshore platform. In order to study the factors affecting the shear capacity of the jacket legs of the stainless steel pipe in pipe concrete-filled steel tubular offshore platform, a total of concrete-filled steel tubular shear members were fabricated to study the effects of outer steel pipe material, concrete strength, bearing capacity and local strain relationship of members under different conditions, it is found that the shear strength of members increases with the decrease of void ratio and the increase of concrete strength; The larger the shear span ratio, the smaller the shear strength. Combined with the test,stainless steel sheet the empirical formula of shear capacity of concrete-filled steel tubular in pipe is proposed, which is analyzed and verified by ABAQUS finite element modeling software. The results show that the simulation is in good agreement with the test results. In order to study the axial compression performance of stainless steel tube concrete conduit leg and the axial compression performance of stainless steel concrete conduit leg,304 compression stainless steel water pipeUse and installation guide for experiments are used to verify the correctness of the finite element model. By comparing the load displacement curves of specimens in groups, the effects of different void ratio, concrete strength, diameter thickness ratio and bone index on the axial compression performance of concrete-filled stainless steel tubular short columns under axial compression are analyzed. The results show that with the increase of concrete strength, the bearing capacity of specimens increases, but the ductility of specimens decreases; With the increase of void ratio and diameter thickness ratio, the bearing capacity of the specimen decreases; The bearing capacity of stainless steel tube concrete can be effectively improved by adding steel bone; Increasing the bone matching index of steel bone can improve the bearing capacity of the specimen. A composite forming process of double-layer stainless steel pipe for primary circuit main pipe of nuclear power plant is designed, which solves the problem of limited length of finished products in traditional forging or casting process,tisco stainless steel sheet,taigang stainless steel sheet,stainless steel sheet,stainless steel coil,stainless steel strip,stainless steel tube-TISCO Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd and meets the special requirements of complex working environment on pipe performance. The three roll cross rolling process of double-layer casing with outer layer -n austenitic heat-resistant stainless steel and inner layer cr-ni martensitic heat-resistant stainless steel was simulated and optimized by using DEFORM-D finite element simulation software. The internal and external deformation, stress-strain field and temperature field distribution of double-layer stainless steel pipe were analyzed, The parameter combination of optimal deformation is obtained by designing orthogonal test. The simulation results show that the large values of equivalent stress, equivalent strain and temperature are concentrated in the contact area between the outer tube and the roll, and the overall performance parameters of the outer tube are greater than those of the inner tube. Through range analysis and variance analysis of orthogonal design test, the optimal deformation parameter is rough rolling temperature deg; C. Feed angle & deg;, Roll speed: rmin. Objective to improve the existing connection mode of the braking system pipe system of railway freight cars, and accurately shape the end of the stainless steel pipe, so as to obtain the forged joint with better mechanical properties. According to the connection mode of the original pipe system and the plastic forming characteristics of steel pipe, a multi-step upsetting and extrusion process for the end of stainless steel pipe is proposed. Three dimensional finite element simulation using DEFORM-D

VHigh temperature oxidation resistance stainless steel plates have high temperature oxidation resistance, but the oxidation rate will be affected by inherent factors such as exposure environment and product form.

BEconomic managementStainless steel capillary material: SUS / sus; Inner diameter mm-mm, polished. Purpose of stainless steel capillary: automatic instrument signal tube, industrial sensor, electronic equipment circuit protection tube; Safety protection of electrical circuit, capillary protection of thermal instrument and internal support of air core high-voltage optical cable. Stainless steel capillary characteristics: it has good flexibility, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, tensile resistance, and provides excellent electromagnetic shielding performance. Stainless steel hose can be bent into various angles and radius of curvature, and has the same flexibility and durability in all directions; The stainless steel hose has flexible pitch, good flexibility and no blocking and stiffness; The stainless steel threading hose has certain tensile resistance between the side buckles of each section to prevent the damage of the hose from exposing the lines laid inside the hose. It is a special product manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, sales and service. It has long been specialized in selling stainless steel plate stainless steel coil and stainless steel strip, Stainless steel pipe. The axial tension can withstand times of the nominal inner diameter. The yield strength of duplex stainless steel is more than twice that of ordinary austenitic stainless steel. This characteristic makes the designer reduce the weight when designing products, making this alloy more cost-effective than L. This alloy is especially suitable for - DEG; F/+° F temperature range. For applications beyond this temperature range, but there are some, especially for welded structures& middot; Pressure vessel, high pressure pipeline, heat exchanger (chemical processing industry).

jGStainless welded disc (grade I) gb- stainless steel pipe (grade I)

Folding and editing this section of silicon steel strip grain oriented silicon steel strip, also known as cold rolled silicon steel strip for telecommunications industry, is a silicon steel strip with grain oriented structure and thickness less than .mm, which is used to manufacture various power transformers, pulse transformers, magnetic amplifiers, converters and other iron cores with working frequency above Hz.


At low temperature, the company specializes in selling stainless steel plates, coils, belts and tubes with quality assurance. The company specializes in selling, timely supply and high cost performance. It has become the first choice brand for many wire products. Welcome to buy! Ferritic stainless steel tubes have low temperature brittleness like carbon steel, while austenitic steel does not. Therefore, ferritic or martensitic stainless steel produces low temperature brittleness Temperature embrittlement, but austenitic stainless steel or nickel base alloy does not show low temperature embrittlement. Sus (Cr), SUS of ferritic stainless steel pipe (cr) and others show a sharp drop in impact value at low temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention when using at low temperature. As a way to improve the impact toughness of ferritic series stainless steel, high purification process can be considered. With the help of grade C and N, when the embrittlement temperature is improved in the range of - ℃ to - ℃, it is possible to use it in freezing related projects SUSL has applied suslx (cr Ti, Nb LC) and susl (cr Mo Ti, Nb LC) to the shell of refrigeration appliances. Ferritic stainless steel has body centered cubic structure. When the material properties become weak, sharp cracks will expand rapidly and cause brittle failure. Austenitic series stainless steel will not produce brittle failure because it is face centered cubic structure. Arctech has invested in stainless steel (cr-ni-lc) and SUSL (cr-ni-mo-lc) show that they still have superior impact characteristics at low temperature. However, pay attention to the precipitation of ferrite or martensite due to processing and the tendency of embrittlement caused by carbide or & sigma; equal heterogeneous precipitation due to sensitization.

Quality assurancerOxygen plus gas flame can not cut stainless steel plate because stainless steel is not easy to be oxidized.

JThe petrochemical industry, including the chemical fertilizer industry, has a great demand for stainless steel pipes. Stainless steel pipes are mainly used in this industry including, , l, etc., with an outer diameter of about ¢ - ¢ and a wall thickness of about mm-mm (generally medium and low pressure transmission pipes with a specification of more than & phi; mm). The specific application fields are: furnace pipes, material transmission pipes, heat exchanger pipes, etc.

High temperature oxidation resistance stainless steel plates have high temperature oxidation resistance, but the oxidation rate will be affected by inherent factors such as exposure environment and product form.

jThe linear expansion coefficient of austenitic stainless steel is lower than that of austenitic stainless steel, close to that of carbon steel, suitable for connection with carbon steel and has important engineering significance, on the one hand such as the production of composite plate or lining.

qUIn view of the external export difficulties, Chinas stainless steel industry should protect its rights, but it is important for Chinas stainless steel industry to continuously improve its own quality level and comprehensively upgrade.

The adhesion of stainless steel surface contains acid alkali and salt substances (such as alkali water and lime water splashing on the decoration wall), causing local corrosion.

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