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AIS14140 round bar

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AIS14140 round bar

1. The appearance of round steel is different. The appearance of round steel is smooth and round, without lines and ribs, and the surface of other reinforcement is engraved or ribbed, resulting in small adhesion between round steel and concrete, while large adhesion between other reinforcement and concrete.

2. The composition is different. Round steel (grade I steel) belongs to ordinary low carbon steel, and other reinforcement is mostly alloy steel.

3. The strength of round steel is different. The strength of round steel is low and the strength of other steel is high. That is, compared with other steel bars with the same diameter, round steel can bear less tension than other steel bars, but the plasticity of round steel is stronger than other steel bars, that is, round steel has greater deformation before being pulled off, while the deformation of other steel bars before being pulled off is much smaller.

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