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316L stainless steel plate

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  316L stainless steel plate

  316L is widely used in the chemical industry because of its excellent corrosion resistance. 316L is also a derivative steel of 18-8 austenitic stainless steel, with 2 ~ 3% Mo added. On the basis of 316L, many steel grades are also derived. For example, 316Ti is derived after adding a small amount of Ti, 316N is derived after adding a small amount of N, and 317L is derived by increasing the content of Ni and mo.

  Most of the existing 316L on the market are produced according to American standards. In consideration of cost, steel mills generally limit the Ni content of products to the lower limit as far as possible. The American standard stipulates that the Ni content of 316L is 10 ~ 14%, and the Japanese standard stipulates that the Ni content of 316L is 12 ~ 15%. According to the minimum standard, there is a difference of 2% in Ni content between American Standard and Japanese standard, which is reflected in the price. Therefore, customers still need to see whether the product refers to ASTM or JIS standard when purchasing 316L products.

  The Mo content of 316L makes the steel have excellent pitting corrosion resistance and can be safely applied to the environment containing halogen ions such as Cl -. Since 316L is mainly used for its chemical properties, steel mills have slightly lower requirements for surface inspection of 316L (compared with 304), and customers with higher surface requirements should strengthen surface inspection.