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304L stainless steel pipeWhat practical challenges have been solved

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For the manual clamping tool, the upper and lower jaw are fixed modules, and the pressure is set to output a constant pressure of MPa. The detection standard is to observe the seam of the upper and lower jaw and press it once or twice.

2When transporting domestic and drinking water, the pipeline shall not pass through the toxic pollution area. If necessary, with the cooperation of other types of work, boiling steel: killed steel: class a steel: T: Special: ball joint steel and spring steel,stainless steel sheet such as crm

UBignerWhen brown rust spots appear on the surface of stainless steel pipes,304H stainless steel beltInevitable development people will be surprised: & ldquo; Stainless steel pipes are not rusty. Is there a problem with the steel quality;. In fact, this is a one-sided wrong view because the understanding of stainless steel pipe is not comprehensive enough. You should know that stainless steel pipe will rust under certain conditions.

VcThe application of stainless steel pipe in the automobile industry is developing rapidly. In recent ten years, stainless steel pipe materials have been widely used in public transportation tools such as buses, subways, high-speed railway vehicles, household cars and so on!

  — It is easier to cut by adding a small amount of sulfur and phosphorus.


physical properties chemical composition C: it is specified in, which is usually also called moti or mechanical properties ys (MPA)

zAll steel with openings at both ends and hollow sections, and with a large ratio of length to section perimeter, can be called steel pipe. When the ratio of length to section perimeter is small,stainless steel sheet it can be called pipe section or tubular fittings, which belong to the category of pipe products.

Z Series & mdash; Martensitic precipitation hardening stainless steel.

IrecommendBatch size: a small number of single batch products will affect the unit price.

hEThe welding performance is also much better than that of ferritic stainless steel. Generally, preheating is not required before welding and heat treatment is not required after welding.

The inventory of stainless steel pipes may be an important factor in market conditions. This is because at this stage, steel inventory has become an important index to investigate and judge the situation of stainless steel pipeline shopping malls, and has become a wind vane to judge the future market trend. What was the stock of stainless steel tubes at that time? It directly affects the air in the mall and then distributes the business behavior of participants in the mall. The agitation in the futures market is more direct. If there is an abnormal change in inventory, whether it increases or decreases, it will become a speculative type of mall participants.


Shop around and choose affordable stainless steel water supply pipes. Compared with the prices of pipes sold by various companies, we should choose carefully and should not buy them at a low price. However, the transmission energy consumption of stainless steel pipe water supply pipe is low which saves the transmission cost, so the price will not be too expensive.

Respect for customersrStainless steel with domestic (imported) stainless steel belt: stainless steel coil,stainless steel sheet stainless steel spring

OClamping connection steps: cut off the pipe according to the required length. When breaking the pipe, it shall not be too large to prevent the pipe from being out of round.

Stainless steel pipes are divided into hot rolled,304H stainless steel beltInevitable development hot extruded and cold drawn (rolled) stainless steel pipes according to the connection and rolling process. According to the difference of stainless steel microstructure they mainly include semi Ferritic and semi martensitic stainless steel pipes, martensitic stainless steel pipes austenitic stainless steel pipes, austenitic ferritic stainless steel pipes, etc.

p(V) the profitability of the steel plant has declined month by month. In the first half of , the metallurgical industry realized a profit of . billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of %, of which the ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry realized a profit of . billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of %. From January to may,tisco stainless steel sheet,taigang stainless steel sheet,stainless steel sheet,stainless steel coil,stainless steel strip,stainless steel tube-TISCO Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd the profitability of key large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises was far lower than the overall level of the industry, and showed a downward trend month by month. Although the profit increased by %, it was only . billion yuan, key large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises realized a profit of only million yuan, falling month on month for five consecutive months, of which suffered losses, with a loss surface of %.

gIManufacturing process of stainless steel pipe hot rolled (extruded seamless steel pipe): round tube blank & rarr; Heating → Perforation & rarr; Three roll cross rolling, continuous rolling or extrusion → Off pipe & rarr; Sizing (or reducing) → Cooling → Straightening & rarr; Hydrostatic test (or flaw detection) → Mark & rarr; The raw material for warehousing and rolling seamless pipe is round pipe blank. The round pipe blank shall be cut and processed by the cutter, and the blank with a growth of about m shall be sent to the furnace for heating through the conveyor belt. The billet is sent to the furnace for heating at a temperature of about degrees Celsius. The fuel is hydrogen or acetylene. The temperature in the furnace is the key problem. After the round tube billet is discharged from the furnace, it should be pierced through the pressure piercer. Generally, the more common piercer is cone roll piercer. This piercer has high production efficiency and good product quality. It specializes in selling stainless steel plate, stainless steel coil, stainless steel belt and stainless steel pipe, with high pressure resistance grade, fire and high temperature resistance, strong overload capacity, corrosion resistance, radiation protection, long service life, large perforation diameter expansion, and can wear a variety of steel grades. After perforation, the round tube blank is successively rolled by three roll cross rolling, continuous rolling or extrusion. After extrusion, take off the pipe for sizing. The sizing machine rotates into the steel embryo at high speed through the conical drill to form a steel pipe. The inner diameter of the steel pipe is determined by the outer diameter length of the sizing machine bit. After sizing, the steel pipe enters the cooling tower and is cooled by water spray. After cooling, the steel pipe will be straightened. After straightening, the steel pipe is sent to the metal flaw detector (or hydrostatic test) by the conveyor belt for internal flaw detection. If there are cracks, bubbles and other problems inside the steel pipe, they will be detected. Steel pipes should be strictly selected by hand after quality inspection. After the steel pipe is inspected, the number, specification, production batch number, etc. shall be sprayed with paint. And hoisted into the warehouse by crane.

According to rolling, it can be divided into hot rolled, hot extruded and cold drawn (rolled) stainless steel pipes.

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